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The Naked Truth (MBR Progress)

January 9, 2011

Drum roll…but a very soft one.  The master bathroom is presentable!  But if it were human, it would feel a little…naked.  There are some finishing touches we haven’t gotten around to just yet.  Still, we’ve made pretty good progress–and it’s much better than before, so I figured it’s time to show the world even though it’s not 100% complete.

Here’s the before…

And here’s the Now:



This vanity is great…drawers for storage and a shelf underneath for towels, etc.  We’re surface abusers–so by keeping our everyday necessities in the drawers, we can open the drawer, use it, and then close it away.  Ideally, most stuff won’t get a chance to touch the counter, let alone stay there. Ideally. 

And I have big hopes for the TP holder. I’m not kidding when I say that the act of taking out the springy bar to remove the empty TP roll and replace it with a new one on a traditional TP holder is really too much effort for us most of the time.  This might transform our lives… 

^Wow, I just realized how lazy we are :(

Here’s what we have left to do:

1) Install a vanity light.

2) Install towel hooks–already purchased.  We’re forgoing towel bars altogether since it’s easier to just throw a towel on a hook than to fold it in order to put it on a bar.  They’re also handy for storing a sweatshirt or other clothing you plan to wear again so it doesn’t end up on the floor. <—There's that lazy thing again!

3) Build the shelves that go in the tiny space to the left of the shower.  It won't be much but will give us a little bit of extra storage space.

4) Frame out the mirror using some trim and some construction adhesive.

5) Replace the lightswitch and plug with brown ones and install Oil Rubbed Bronze swith/outlet plates.  (We're doing this throughout the entire house to stay consistent.)

6) Some sort of window covering for the window? I don't think the neighbors have a view into this room, but…

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  1. Ann permalink
    March 4, 2013 4:21 pm

    Great bathroom! I am planning a master bath remodel, and am debating the shower door…..we have one, it’s a pain to clean (it’s cracked, it’s quite horrible). I am wondering how you like your shower curtain, two years down the road. Do you have a liner inside as well, and does it get “sucked” in to attack people while showering, or no? Also, who makes your register cover? Love your tile, that’s what I’m planning on, white with a gray grout. Ann

  2. February 5, 2011 11:06 am

    Impressive! Great work and documentation. What are the dimensions of the bathroom?

    • February 5, 2011 3:32 pm

      Hi jd,
      Thanks! The dimensions are 5’10” x 5′ (minus the shower.) The shower area is 3′ x 3’9″.


  3. Colleen permalink
    January 18, 2011 6:23 pm

    Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I have searched online and in-stores for several days trying to turn my vision (espresso vanity, subway tile shower walls, beige or ivory floor, beige/tan walls and ORB fixtures) a reality. Like your other bath reno, time is a factor as there is a leak from the tub dripping into the kitchen. Budget and space are also restrictive factors. Since we have to re-do two baths, we don’t want to spend a fortune and we are limited with the small spaces that we have to work with (1960 colonial).

    The depth of the guest bath vanity can not exceed 21″ due to the door molding and must not exceed 36″ in width due to the toilet (as in your bath). It has been quite the task to find an espresso vanity with a 21″ or less depth. The Allen Roth seems to be the prefect combo of style, price and function (drawers) that I am seeking. The only issue is that although Lowes carries the item, I have yet to visit a store (have been to 3 in 3 days) that has a display model so that I can view and ensure that the depth with the top is in fact 21″. I also want to verify that the height is 38″ as stated. Seems quite high/tall to me. Then again, I am only 5′ 2″ so most things are too tall for me. Haha.

    I found the hex floor tiles that you have at Home Depot but was unable to find the “gloss white” and “arctic” or “glacial” white subway tiles. I bought 2 of the subway tiles and several differnt beige(y) floor tiles at Home Depot over the weekend to match with various paint swatches. The subway tile sold at Home Depot (I am in NY) is “Snow White.” I compared it this afternoon (yes, another HD trip) to the hex flooring and the subway tile is more of a crisp white whereas the hex is more creamy (which I prefer). The subway tile is 25 cents. I didn’t purchase a sample of the subway tile sold at Lowes so I do not know the color name but I do remember that it is 27 cents a tile. Was your purchased from HD or Lowes?

    Phew, sorry for the babble. Ok, hoping that you can offer some more info that I forget to ask in the previous post. Is the height if the vanity really 38″ and in your opinion, does it seem taller than what you are accustomed to? Is the depth with the top an exact 21″ (fingers crossed)? Is the top decent quality?

    I am hitting yet another (thankfully I live in an area that has about 7 stores within a close proximity) Lowes tomorrow to hoping that they have a display model of the vanity. To avoid a wasted trip, I plan to call the “Fashion Bath Master” at the store to inquire if they have a display model. Wish me luck!

    Ooh, two more thing (sorry to be such a pest) can you provide a link of the lighting that you purchased as well as the faucets (bath and shower). With all the tile, vanity, paint color, and vanity choices (x2 for 2 bathrooms), I am starting to get overwhelmed.

    Thanks again!

    • January 18, 2011 9:28 pm

      I’m sending you an email to answer so I can be extra long winded…and include photos :)

  4. Colleen permalink
    January 18, 2011 8:48 am

    I am SO excited that I found your blog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bathroom. We need to renovate the guest bathroom and after much searching (online and in-store) at various Lowes and Home Depots’, I recently came across the 36′ Allen and Roth Espresso vanity. So chic and relatively inexpensive. Although we are just in the intital design stage, I do have some clear thoughts in mind. To keep the project more cost effective, we have decided to keep the old cast iron tub (white). Thinking of white subway tile for the tub surround, a beige or ivory tile for the floor, beige or ivory color for the walls, ORB fixtures, espresso colored bamboo blinds.

    Was wondering if you could share the following info about your amazing new bath:
    – floor tile (is it white or ivory)
    – grout color used for subway tile (white or ivory?) and floor tile
    – paint color
    – mirror size
    – substitute knobs used
    – lighting fixture to be used

    Sorry for so many questions but I am just in total love with your selections.

    Thanks so much!!!

    • January 18, 2011 9:58 am

      Hi Colleen!

      Have you looked online at Lowe’s recently? They’ve gotten in some new espresso colored vanities in all sorts of new styles–definitely keep your eye on that. But yes, we love our vanity and would recommend it. And I love old cast iron tubs–love their heft and the way they feel…is that a dorky thing to say? :)

      Our hex floor tile is from Home Depot (Daltile). I believe there is only one choice of all-white hex there & that’s what we got (they also have white hex with black insets, etc). So, it’s plain ol’ white but when a pure white towel is lying on it, you can see in comparison that the floor isn’t a blinding bright white–it’s slightly off/soft. BUT I did notice they have a sort of beige-y, faux stone ceramic hex floor tile at HD also. (And, if you read my post “From Another Time…And Place” I talk about how we chose the wall tile–there are different choices of white for those…)

      The grout color is called Silver by Mapei. I wanted white grout BAD…but then Ev butts in with all his experience and tells me horror stories of things he’s seen at work and never wants to see again :) It gets dirty, and fast. Can you seal the heck out of it with extra glossy sealer every 6 months and have it be OK? Maybe. But we are not clean freaks and I didn’t want to see our new bath getting grungy anytime soon. But it turns out I love the silver…and it looks great with ORB–brown and gray can coexist very well. Search the GW forums for more expert opinion on grout color for white subway…

      The paint color is SW Techno Gray. We had it mixed in durable SW “Super Paint” so that we could have the satin/eggshell sheen even though its a bathroom. It’s a warm gray with a muddy green undertone–though it can also read slightly blue-ish in certain light.

      I’d say the mirror is about 2.5′ square. Once we frame it out with trim it will be closer to 3′ square. It came with the house and we love re-using and making things work!

      The substitute knobs were something Ev salvaged from a remodeling job. It’s amazing what some people are willing to throw away–Ev hauls home a lot of good stuff people just want tossed in the dump! However, I have seen almost the exact same knobs at Hobby Lobby. Do you have one near you? They have an entire isle dedicated to decorative knobs!

      The light we bought is from Home Depot. It has a brownish black cast-iron finish with three lights and fits in great with our ORB fixtures. The price difference among vanity lights blows my mind–and to me they sort of all look the same. I guess I’m not into lights that much! I try not to spend too much on them, anyway.

      And I plan to have updated photos of this bathroom in a week or two! We’re thisclose to having it finished 100%.

      Hope this helps! We love questions (if you couldn’t tell by my long-winded answers), so always feel free to ask! :)


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