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Makeshift Master Suite

May 12, 2011

Having a bathroom attached to our bedroom is a definite step up from our last place where the one and only bathroom was on the opposite end of the house (nighttime bathroom visits were fraught with danger) but the teeny tiny closet leaves me…underwhelmed. When it comes to clothes, it gets messy around here so they practically need a room of their own, well, not practically–for real.

For one brief, shining moment, we considered combining the master bedroom with the third, back bedroom, to create a real master suite with a walk-in closet (as in, tearing down walls and building new ones) but since deleting a bedroom isn’t always the best of ideas (we hope to sell in the near future,) we decided against getting all crazy like that. And because I’m also stubborn, I wasn’t ready to let go of my “suite” dreams.

Luckily for me, the entrances to the master and third bedroom are both near the end of the hall (and both located after the entrances to the main/guest bathroom and the guest bedroom, which are also located off the main hall) so it presented a convenient dividing point between the two back bedrooms and the rest of the house to create a makeshift master suite. And since we really only need visual privacy (basically for when we have guests) to get from the bedroom to our clothes (both rooms will still have doors) two curtains and a tension rod is all it took to create…


I think it also works well to break up a long, narrow, and dark hallway. Yea, that pile of light-reflecting mirrors doesn’t hurt, either, of course! Always a good idea. And just one of the many benefits of being married to someone who works on home remodels–tons of free mirrors. Jealousssssss? How about after I get around to framing them out? Yea, I thought so.

Someday I’ll have a real master suite with a Carrie Bradshaw closet…but this serves its purpose well, doesn’t take away a bedroom, and is completely removable.

Here’s how I did it:
1) The tension rod can be found at Target, Wal-mart, etc–(hint: it’s actually a shower curtain rod. Not a huge surprise, right?)

2) Depending on the width of the hallway, it may need to be cut down to fit. We happen to own a pipe-cutter, but I assume a saw and some elbow grease would work as well. Take the rod apart and cut off several inches from both pieces.

3) Grab (and pay for) two packages of ring clips and a couple of sheet curtains from Wal-mart (Bed Bath & Beyond is also selling individual flat sheets these days in more “sophisticated” colors than Wal-mart, and though they also cost quite a bit more, it’s another option. Also, there’s Ikea–I hear they sell affordable clip-up curtains. But I wouldn’t know since there isn’t one anywhere near here, hmph.)

4)Put the ring clips on the rod before installing it between the two walls, clip up your curtains, and viola! Instant suiteness :)

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